Carolina BEBES: Birth and Breastfeeding: Evidence Based Education and Support

UNC BEBES finished off the semester with two great events surrounding birth. BEBES LOGOOn November 12th at the SPH, BEBES, along with the Student Global Health Committee, co-hosted a screening the documentary SISTER (see image below), a film that tells
the story of maternal and child health workers from Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Haiti. The audience was joined by the film’s director via Skype after the screening for a rich and enlightening discussion about birth in developing countries. Also, BEBES hosted a local postpartum doula, Victoria Facelli, for an intriguing discussion about the need, importance and role of doulas not only in the birth process but also during the postpartum period. BEBES members learned about the DONA certification process, what it takes to start a small business, and what the schedule of a doula is really like.

SisterWe are looking forward to a busy Spring semester with more events and collaborations coming up! We also want to recognize one graduating member of the leadership team, Allie Stevens. Thank you for all you have done for BEBES! You will be missed!


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