Alumni Spotlight: Kate Lewandowski

img_0233We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Kate Lewandowski, CGBI’s Graduate Research Assistant for the 2016-2017 academic year. Kate is a first year MPH student in the Maternal and Child Health Department. She comes to us from Portland, Oregon, where she spent two and a half years working at Oregon Health and Science University and the Oregon National Primate Research Center. There, Kate was able to do research on primate placentas and maternal health which taught her the importance of pre-conception and prenatal health for both mom and baby. Prior to that she graduated from Azusa Pacific University in southern California, where she worked on research projects around adolescent stress and maternal influence on stressful experiences in mice.

Currently Kate is volunteering with the student group, Carolina BEBES. She wrote a grant and was awarded $500 for a Spring semester project. Professionally, Kate has a special interest in preterm birth and health inequities, and of course, birth and breastfeeding. She hopes to continue working with breastfeeding and other infant health interventions to promote the best life for moms and their babies.

In addition to school, Kate also enjoys doing crafts, watching documentaries and TV shows online, reading books, playing board games, camping, and hiking with her dog, Sedona. She also enjoys spending time with her classmates and exploring her new home here in the Chapel Hill area. Kate appreciates the natural beauty of this region, especially the colorful autumn leaves. She loves tea, movie soundtracks, water bottles, funny videos of animals, coloring books, and babies! We are very lucky to have Kate working with us this year.

About Katherine Lewandowski

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