From Milk For Thought “Latch On America” Tour 2011

Miriam Labbok  – on CGBI

Miriam Labbok  – on the upward trend in Breastfeeding

Miriam Labbok – on a turning point in her career

Miriam Labbok – on enabling women, not telling women

Miriam Labbok – on why women aren’t breastfeeding

Miriam Labbok  – on her mother’s experience with breastfeeding

Emily Taylor – on protection of the public through breastfeeding

Emily Taylor – on translational research at CGBI

Emily Taylor – on the challenges of the “mommy wars”

Brook Colgan – on the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative

Kathy Parry and Jessica Phipps – on the student organization Carolina BEBES

EBF6 Project and Video 2008

Click the links above to learn about the EBF6 project.

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