Prospective Students

What we offer to prospective students:

The purpose of public health breastfeeding coursework is to provide students with advanced training in breastfeeding protection, promotion and support as called for in the WHO/UNICEF Innocenti Declaration of 1990, the US DHHS Blueprint for Action on Breastfeeding of 1999 and in the North Carolina Blueprint of 2006.

Coursework in breastfeeding will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to support optimal infant and young child feeding through program and policy development, research, and ethical considerations in the context of public health.  Students will develop essential public health competencies as they relate to population and program-based protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding.

Current coursework offered includes the Survey Course on Optimal Infant and Young Child Feeding (MHCH 605) and the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative (MHCH 765 and MHCH 766), which is a training program for aspiring lactation consultants.

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