What We Do

Research. Service. Training.

CGBI was established in 2006 in the Department of Maternal and Child Health of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, and serves as the first such Public Health Breastfeeding Center of its kind.  Situated in an academic home, we offer a comprehensive program of  research, service to the greater community, and education.

CGBI furthers statewide, national, and global health through increased understanding and support for breastfeeding, with attention to associated child survival, growth and development, and maternal reproductive health and survival.  Our activities seek to promote increased quality of care and create an optimal breastfeeding norm.

Our comprehensive approach prioritizes the “Three B’s” (Birth, Breastfeeding, Birthspacing) and includes attention to local, national and global health services, community support, legal protection, economic assessment, emergency settings, and concurrent issues, such as HIV/AIDS, that impact the mother and child dyad.

Optimal infant and young child feeding and care:

Early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding for six months, continued breastfeeding with age-appropriate, responsive complementary feeding for up to 2 years of age or longer, and support for women and mothers in optimal birth practices and birth spacing to enhance their ability to survive to survive, remain healthy, be adequately nourished and socially supported and protected.

The comprehensive approach taken by the Institute includes attention to health services, community, networks, legal protection, economic assessment, emergency settings, and concurrent issues, such as HIV/AIDS, that impact on the mother/child dyad. As a result, the varied disciplines that comprise Public Health – medical and health, legal and regulatory, business and marketing, heath system administration, social support systems and the environment, and community mobilization and family and maternal behavior change – will be considered in research, service and policy activities.


The Institute and its Associates respect and support the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions, The Golden Bow Initiative, The WABA Physician’s Pledge, the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative, other aspects of the 1990 and 2005 Innocenti Declarations, the EU, US and NC Blueprints for Action on Breastfeeding, the WHO/UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding, and the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding.

The institute will seek funds for research, service and policy development and training for state, national and global policy and program improvement and behavior change, with the mother/child dyad as the unit of study.  The UNC/Chapel Hill School of Public Health is an ideal setting for this activity, nationally and internationally recognized for the quality in research, service and training.

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