BF Survey Course

Survey Course on optimal infant and young child feeding (MHCH 605)

  • Course syllabus

This survey course will briefly cover the principal topics in this broad field of knowledge, including domestic and global issues. Teaching methods will be primarily lecture with discussion and student presentations. The topics will include relevant maternal and infant anatomy, physiology, and endocrinology; complementary feeding; immunology; pathology, pharmacology and exposures; psychology, sociology and anthropology; growth and development; research issues; ethics, Code of Marketing and other legal issues; breastfeeding support skills; counseling, communication and advocacy; and programming and policy. As a survey course, nearly all competencies and corresponding skills are addressed, including Analytic Assessment, Policy Development, Program Planning, Communication, Cultural Competency, and Community Dimensions of Practice. There is greater emphasis on basic Public Health Sciences skills, Leadership, and Systems Thinking skills. The Carolina Breastfeeding Institute is currently pursuing various avenues for offering a Public Health Certificate in Breastfeeding. Stay tuned for updates. For more information, please contact Dr. Miriam Labbok.


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