The Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative

Comprehensive Training for Lactation Consulting:

(NOTE – This is not a distance learning or online program) 

The Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute, with the cooperation of the UNC Women’s and Children’s Hospital staff, has developed The Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative, an IBLCE-approved Pathway 2 clinical training program in breastfeeding and lactation. A central educational component of this initiative is a two-course clinical training that provides both clinical and didactic elements. The clinical training covers a broad spectrum of practice experiences related to the mother and child with regard to breastfeeding. The didactic training provides the basic medical sciences as well as public health perspectives, including consideration of population and program-based applications.

The Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative meets the minimum requirements of Pathway 2 that requires all students to complete 300 hours of clinical lactation experience under the direct supervision of a currently certified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Clinical lactation experience includes primarily direct clinical observation, competency attainment, and supervised practice, as well as student experiential sharing and topic review, shadowing of WIC breastfeeding coordinators and/or peer counselors, and attendance at breastfeeding support groups. For the didactic portion listed above, the student is required to complete 90 hours of comprehensive breastfeeding and human lactation education. The didactic training program includes homework assignments, attendance at breastfeeding conferences, and other pre-approved breastfeeding and human lactation coursework.

The typical clinical observation day is about eight hours and includes organizational rounds and direct clinical experience. In addition, every week there will be a three hour interactive session, which includes topic review, experience sharing, and debriefing.Upon successful completion of these requirements, students are eligibile to sit for the IBCLC exam, administered for a fee by IBLCE.


For additional information contact Catherine Sullivan at (919) 843-4118 or  email catherine_sullivan at

Why Choose IBCLC Certification through IBLCE?

IBLCE is the global authority that determines the competency of practitioners in lactation and breastfeeding care. IBCLCs are essential members of the maternal-child health team who protect, promote and support breastfeeding to benefit the health and well-being of women, children and families worldwide. The IBCLC credential is the premier and only certification for lactation consultants. Consumers, employers and health care team members can trust that individuals who hold the IBCLC credential have demonstrated competence to practice and that the public is protected from unsafe and unethical practitioners through IBLCE’s long-standing disciplinary process and procedures.

Click here for a video on IBLCE and IBCLC’s.

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