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CGBI undertakes research in support of breastfeeding, in particular, as well as other aspects of the reproductive health continuum, including the issues of adequate birth spacing and mother/baby-friendly birth practices. In general, we engage in translational, transformational, epidemiological, operational, formative, community-based participatory, health facility and health system-based, and related applied research, depending on the specific need, hypothesis or issue.  Much of our work is designed to inform policy and practice to improve public and clinical health systems, to increase equity in support, and to decrease disparities in outcomes.  To that end, we have developed Tools for Action to provide easy access to information about current research and programs addressing pressing issues in breastfeeding, birth spacing and birthing practices.

The CGBI research portfolio has been supported in part by a wide variety of funding sources, including Federal agencies (i.e., NIH, AHRQ, CDC, US FDA, USDA), Foundations (i.e., Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust, The Duke Endowment, John Rex Endowment), the University of North Carolina funding sources (NC TraCS, Carolina Women’s Center, others), as well as support from the CGBI Endowment.  Publications from these studies are available through this website.

We hope to continue to serve the women, children, and families of North Carolina, the United States, and the world by identifying, addressing and overcoming obstacles to the creation of a truly breastfeeding-friendly environment.

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