North Carolina

Support for statewide activities, through technical support for program and policy impact, continues to be a major and successful focus of CGBI.  Our staff actively participates in and supports the SIDS Safe Sleep Committee and in the NC Child Fatality Task Force’s Perinatal Health Committee.

Additionally, CGBI staff continues to support the NC Breastfeeding Coalition (NCBC).  Specifically, Kathy Parry serves as Co-Secretary and Catherine Sullivan co-chairs the IBCLC Advocacy Committee. This committee has actively advocated for reimbursement for lactation support services with NC insurers.

Previously, CGBI led initial NCBC efforts in achieving the “Ban the Bags Golden Bow Awards.”  As of mid-2014, 50 out of 88 NC Maternity Centers are “bag-free”, meaning they do not distribute free bags with formula and marketing materials to women who deliver in their facility. Greater than 80% of live births are occurring in “bag-free facilities”.

CGBI also continues to work with NCBC towards breastfeeding-friendly workplaces in NC through training in and active promotion of the Business Case for Breastfeeding toolkit developed by the HHS’s HRSA and the Office on Women’s Health.

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